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The brand:

Created in 2013, Delicate Run ® started with a luxury re-interpretation of classic runners shapes of the 1980’s, completely made in the west of France with passion by the high-end crafts ways.
At a time when even the most top-shelf brands are pursuing mass-market production line by industrials ways, shoes aren’t always made under appropriate working conditions.
There is no secret, the larger is the scale of production, the more the production is bungled somehow. Few brands really pay attention to delivering customer satisfaction.

Delicate Run ® is the perfect exemple of the opposite, we insist on using the noblest materials of french suppliers origin only, to which we can add the rarest exotic skins coming from the whole world, conferring on our sneakers quality, lightness and style. We take the necessary time to make every step right with a better control of the manufacturing processes thanks to our closeness with craftsmen and various suppliers.
In our workshop, there are still real craftsmen practicing this noble profession of shoemaking. Best connoisseurs, as we don’t see them anymore who deserve our respect and we are very proud of them. Made from the beginning to the end at the same place, the result is to get a comfy and long-lasting refined shoe.
Delicate Run ® has no equal in the French sneakers panorama.

Production details:

Lovers of the well-done work, we pay a meticulous attention on every step of our time-proven manufacturing methods, which we want to show in the finishes.

There are 7 main steps of producing a pair of sneakers:
Cutting, leather trimming, tracing, stitching, assembly on the shoe shape, upper cleaning (sanding) and soldering of the sole.

There are about 180 working steps involved in making a Delicate Run ® sneakers.

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