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Determine your size

Determine the length of your foot and know your real size:

Avoid measuring your foot at the end of the day because it is the moment when it is the most swollen.

• Take a pencil and a paper sheet and lay it flat on the ground, against a wall. The length of the sheet must be perpendicular in the wall.

• In the upright position back to the wall, put your strong foot (the longest) in sock on the sheet by placing your heel against the wall.

• Keep the heel well pressed against the wall and the foot flat to the sheet.

• Draw a line in front of your longest toe.

• Measure in centimeters the space between the extremity of your paper sheet and the line which you traced.

• Round off the measure obtained in the upper millimeter.

• Using the chart below, you can determine precisely your size:

* Length of the insole in centimeters.
For example: if your strong foot is 27 cm you have to order our 42.



There should be a light space between the longest toe and the nose of the shoe, it will allow to move toes slightly.



The widest part of your foot has to feel a light and not painful pressure. After some wearings, the shoe upper is going to work on the width and will gain some millimeters.
Note: the thickness of your socks can have an influence on the width.



Adapt your size if you prefer to have the feet firmly maintained, that is your foot filled the shoe upper well or on the contrary to have a margin in the shoe upper.
Ideally, it is necessary to have a small space between your toes and nose of the shoe so that you can move the big toe slightly.
For example, we consider a shoe is for our right size when, during the first wearing, we are tightened inside.

When you measure your foot think:
To do it with your usual socks and not at the end of a day when you spent your time to run everywhere (the thick socks + a swollen foot may mislead a size or more on your basic size)

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